With NASALCROM®, allergies simply don’t stand a chance.

NASALCROM® is unlike any other nasal allergy product because it does more than just treat your symptoms…
it prevents the allergic reaction from occurring in the
first place.

NASALCROM® is neither an antihistamine nor a decongestant nor a corticosteroid. NASALCROM’s® original formula works to keep allergens from reaching the mast cells, so fewer histamines are released. The result? Allergy symptoms are minimized, allergic reactions are reduced, and you feel like yourself again.


NASALCROM® doesn’t just treat the symptoms
NASALCROM® targets the root cause of allergy symptoms to stop allergies before they stop you. When used before exposure to many common allergens, NASALCROM® can prevent the onset of nasal allergy attacks and build protection against future symptoms as long as you continue to use it as directed.

NASALCROM® provides safe, effective relief
NASALCROM® is safe to use with other medicines, including other allergy medicines, because NASALCROM® does not cause any known drug interactions. With NASALCROM® there is no drowsiness, no jitters, no “rebound” nasal congestion, and it’s non-habit forming. NASALCROM® is so safe even children as young as 2 years old can use it!

  • I love this product. I have been using for years and I can’t function
    without it.

    Laurie, LA

  • For the first time in many years, I made it through an allergy season without getting sick. Thank you Nasalcrom.

    Matt, TX

  • My daughter is finally able to sleep since she started using
    your Nasalcrom.

    Rebecca, NJ

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